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Park Ridge, IL 60068

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Inspired by the History, Style & Romance of Italy.
Creating certified organic wine, balsamic vinegar & olive oil.


Referencing the healthy traditions of original organic viticulture, Villa Gabriella vineyards are an ecosystem jewel. They are an excellent example of Mother Nature's innate biodiversity of checks and balances. Cover crops, bugs, bees, birds, bats all coexist to monitor the vineyards well being, controlling insects and weeds while helping maintain the proper balance of their populations so the vines can thrive.

8 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar di Modena

Balsamic Vinegar(front).png
Balsamic Vinegar(front).png

8 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar di Modena


USDA Certified Organic

Talented 5th generation artisans crafted our organic 8 year aged aceto balsamico di Modena with love, patience & pride. Located in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, this family owned & operated acetaia closely adheres to the techniques & tradition of making authentic, artisanal, small batch, aged balsamic vinegars as their ancestors’ centuries before. In addition, as an organic food product, the process is regulated from beginning to end by the Italian certification agency-ICEA & is USDA Organic compliant.

Crafted from their single estate, family owned sustainable vineyard where organic Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, Pignoletto Dell’Emilia & Trebbiano Modenese grapes are the base ingredients for a prized must or “mosto cotto”.

Made with only natural sulphites, without any synthetic coloring or caramels. No added artificial thickeners or sugars to stimulate sweetness.  Deep rich mahogany with a glossy texture, 1.25% density & 6% acidity, Villa Gabriella Organic, 8 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar di Modena makes the perfect partner to Villa Gabriella Organic Olio Nuovo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

8.5 FL. OZ.

Ingredients-organic concentrated grape must, organic wine vinegar.

Contains natural sulphites-acidity 6%

Nutrition Facts
Per 1 tbsp (15ml)
Calories 40
Total Fat 0g                
Carbohydrates 9g
Sugars 9g
Protein 0g

*Not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

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About Aceto Balsamico:

A kitchen staple for centuries in Mediterranean homes, balsamic vinegar is the natural conclusion of the winemaking process.  An integral part of Italian culture & cooking, enthusiasts of balsamic vinegar go well beyond the Mediteranean.  Balsamic vinegar is made from fresh grape juice & crafting quality balsamic vinegar requires as much care as making fine wine.  

Since the eleventh century, balsamic vinegar has been a speciality of the northern town of Modena & its surrounding countryside where it was used as a drink or digestif.  As part of the landed gentry class of history, society & cuisine;  balsamic vinegar was a prized possession & stored in the attic under lock & key.  As a family heriloom, it passed from one generation to the nextby the youngest daughter, carrying the vinegar the furthest into a family’s future as it aged.

Science, skill & experience are still used to handcraft balsamic vinegar. To this day grapes are carefully selected, cleaned and crushed. The freshly pressed juice is then slowly simmered to avoid caramelization or burning of the natural sugars in the grape juice. The resultis a reduction called  cooked must or “mosto cotto”. The must is then aged in a series of wooden casks in successively smaller sizes, (acaia, ash, cherry, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, oak or walnut).