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250 South Northwest Hwy, Suite 320
Park Ridge, IL 60068

(847) 232-2828

Inspired by the History, Style & Romance of Italy.
Creating certified organic wine, balsamic vinegar & olive oil.


Enjoying delicious food & wine in the company of family and friends is one of life’s true pleasures. Our team has an insatiable interest in sustainable food and wine, and a deep respect for authentic ingredients. We are passionate about finding and sharing some of the best of Made in Italy.

Thanks to our diverse and complimentary professional backgrounds, we partner with family artisans who craft food and wine with pride as their ancestors did generations ago. We enjoy learning about and sharing, their heritage, their stories and their products’ unique characteristics as we believe it enhances the pleasure one receives from it. 


Mouthwatering, delectable, small batch; balsamic vinegar, olive oil and wine. Products you pack in your suitcase on a holiday or vacation in Italy to savor once at home. So delightfully divine, they transport you back to your time spent in Italy.  

We also think people can enjoy delicious food & wine without compromising their health or overall well-being. The decision to offer a wholesome alternative led us to commit to offering only certified organic products. We collaborate with partners dedicated to growing, harvesting and producing only sustainable and ICEA certified organic products.

Villa Graziella Organic extra virgin, Tuscan olive oil and 8 year aged, balsamic vinegar di Modena along with sister brand, Villa Graziella artisan crafted wines made with organic grapes.

Unique, flavorful taste that balances nature, the long term health of the environment & those who enjoy them. We hope you experience them with as much pleasure as we have in creating them for you!